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Fathers rights

When two people who are never married have children this is called a paternity case. At Jennifer Dane Family Law, our team of paternity lawyers help parents establish their rights and responsibilities to their children. Attorney Jennifer Dane recognizes the paramount importance of a parent’s right to stay involved in their children’s lives. Our goal is to help mothers and fathers in Orlando, FL obtain a favorable custody, time sharing and support arrangement. Your paternity case will be handled with care and detailed attention:

  • Meet with you to determine your short term and long terms goals;
  • Address all important legal issues;
  • Request the court to immediately address temporary issue;
  • Collect all favorable information relating to your paternity case;
  • Prepare and work quickly towards the best possible resolution.

Attorney Jennifer Dane will personally handle all aspects of your case. You will be able to contact Ms. Dane by phone, text or email at any time with your questions and concerns. At Jennifer Dane Family Law we take a personal interest in each client's case, well-being, and the family as a whole. Your paternity case will get our team of lawyers full attention.

Why file a Paternity Case

If you are an unwed father of a child, you must take affirmative steps to assert your legal rights to your child. Filing a Paternity case will allow you to do three specific things:

  • Legally establish Paternity of your minor child.
  • Establish a parenting plan and time sharing arrangement.
  • Establish child support.

Time Sharing and Parenting

Time-Sharing and Parenting Plans

Florida has no presumption for or against the father or mother of the child or for or against any specific time-sharing schedule. The courts approach every issue regarding children by determining what is in the children’s BEST INTEREST. The children should have “frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate.” So, when a mother and father create a time-sharing schedule they should be sure to give enough time for both parents to be with the child. Parents should look at the needs of the children and figure out how to best allow both parents to be involved. The law further encourages parents to share all aspects of child rearing. To do this, each parent should have long enough visits to bond with the children and to perform different responsibilities and be involved in different aspects of the child’s life.

The new statute requires that all cases with minor children have a parenting plan. The parenting plan will be required to describe in adequate detail:

  • How the parents will share and be responsible for the daily tasks associated with the upbringing of the child, and
  • The time-sharing schedule arrangements. In addition, the parenting plan will outline which parent will be responsible for any and all forms of health care, school-related matters, other activities, and the methods and technologies that the parents will use to communicate with the child.

In most cases, the parents are encouraged to make these decisions together, continuing to work as a cohesive team. Typically, courts order the parents to have shared custody unless there is ample evidence that shared custody would harm the child. Parents should do everything in their power to work together on the custody and visitation schedule, so the parental responsibilities are shared. If a parent does not want the other parent included in the child’s life, there must be good reasons why and evidence to support them. Florida law requires that the court consider reasons for limiting time-sharing with a parent. To discuss what factors will play a part in your visitation schedule with your children, call Jennifer Dane Family Law to schedule a consultation.

Personalized Legal Representation

If you are facing a divorce or paternity case with minor children or are considering your next steps, contact our child custody attorney Jennifer Dane for a confidential consultation, to discuss your case, your options and your family. At Jennifer Dane Family Law our attorneys primary focus is to help you and your family transition through the shared parenting process as seamlessly as possible. Ms. Dane will advocate for you and children’s rights with passion and focus.