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When a Father enters the legal system in an effort to secure time sharing with their children it is our goal as fathers rights attorneys in Orlando, FL to secure the best possible time sharing for her clients and their children. Attorney Jennifer Dane will work hard to help fathers obtain the most time sharing possible and ensure that their family is well protected.

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Fathers sometimes need extra assistance securing rights to their children. In the past our system and laws were set up in such a way that the Mother received the custody of the children and the fathers had visitation with the children. As time has passed the laws in Florida have too. Gone are the days of only visitation with fathers now the trend is to facilitate time sharing with both parents and many Judges are making 50/50 timesharing the standard in their courtroom. Attorney Jennifer Dane is an experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, FL who will work tirelessly with her team to ensure your rights as a parent.

Attorney Jennifer Dane plays a large role in helping clients remain involved in their children’s lives after divorce. At the Jennifer Dane Family Law office our goal is to ensure that you are given every chance to build and maintain a large role in the life of your children. There are a variety of areas of family law in which your rights as a father must be protected and Jennifer T. Dane will fight for your rights as a father. As divorce attorneys in Orlando, FL, at Jennifer Dane Family Law we strongly believe that your rights as a father should be upheld throughout both divorce and paternity proceedings. By choosing to work with Jennifer Dane Family Law you can benefit from knowing that your rights will be protected.

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If you have a divorce order you would like to modify or are considering your options to change your agreement, contact Fathers Rights Attorney Jennifer Dane for a consultation in Orlando, FL, to discuss your case, your options and your family. At the Jennifer Dane Family Law office our primary focus is to help you and your family achieve the best possible result.