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Contempt and Enforcement

What is Contempt of Court and Enforcement?

A Motion for Contempt/Enforcement requests that the court force a party to comply with the terms of a previous order. If a party has failed to comply with a court order, the case may be reopened, and a Motion for Contempt/Enforcement may be filed. For example if you are being denied access to timesharing or a party is failing to pay child support. Whether you are the party who has been wronged and are not receiving your court ordered support, or you are the party who has fallen on hard times and cannot comply, contact the Jennifer Dane Family Law office to discuss options for your next steps.

Our team of lawyers in Orlando, FL will assist you in whatever situation that may have arisen by doing the following:

  • Address all relevant and important legal information;
  • Collect all favorable and relevant evidence;
  • Prepare and quickly work towards the best possible resolution.

Attorney Jennifer Dane and her team will personally handle all aspects of your Motion for Contempt and/ or Enforcement in Orlando, FL. You will be able to contact attorney Jennifer Dane by phone, text or email at any time with questions specific to your case and your concerns. At the Jennifer Dane Family Law office we know each client and we take a very personal interest in the well-being of the client and the clientís family. Your case will be prioritized throughout the process.

Contempt Proceedings

Typically, a Motion for Contempt is appropriate when a party has failed to pay either court ordered child support or alimony. In a contempt proceeding, if the court finds a party to be in contempt, the court may for example suspend their driverís license, revoke their passport, or even put them in jail with a purge amount, or an amount they must pay to be released from jail.

Enforcement Proceedings

Typically, a Motion for Enforcement is appropriate when a party has failed to comply with Equitable Distribution. Equitable Distribution is the distribution of property and debt between parties. If the court finds that the party has the present ability to comply, the court will enforce its order against the party and order them to comply.

Experienced Family Attorney

If you believe that you may need to hold the other party in your case in contempt or if you yourself are facing contempt charges, contact Jennifer Dane Family Law in Orlando, FL for a confidential consultation to discuss your case and options today. Our team of lawyers will advocate for you and your family to resolve any issues of contempt or enforcement as quickly and seamlessly as possible.