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Marital Settlement

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

When the parties in a divorce can come to an agreement regarding all of the issues required to settle their divorce they enter into what is called a Marital Settlement Agreement. This agreement is a comprehensive document that outlines all of the terms surrounding their divorce in Orlando, FL. These agreements contain information regarding equitable distribution, alimony, and children’s issues including child support and parenting plans. If you are ready to prepare a marital settlement agreement contact the Jennifer Dane Family Law office to:

  • Determine what your short term and long terms goals;
  • Address all important legal issues;
  • Collect all relevant information in order to prepare a comprehensive agreement;
  • Prepare and work towards the best possible resolution.

Attorney Jennifer Dane will personally handle all aspects of your divorce and the drafting of your marital settlement agreement. You will be able to contact attorney Jennifer Dane by phone, text or email at any time with questions specific to your case and your concerns. Your case will never be handed to a less experienced lawyer and Mrs. Jennifer Dane is the only attorney that will advocate for you throughout the entire case. Our lawyers know each client and they take a very personal interest in the well being of the client and the family as a whole. Your divorce will get the Jennifer Dane Family Law office full attention. If you are considering a divorce and want to know more about marital settlement agreements, contact attorney Jennifer Dane Family Law for a consultation in Orlando, FL.

Marital Settlement Agreement

Entering into a marital settlement agreement gives parties a great deal of freedom to craft an agreement that is best for the parties and their families. Every family in Orlando, FL is unique, therefore, every marital settlement agreement is different and specially crafted to reach that family's needs. At Jennifer Dane Family Law we understand the unique nature of every family and we help our clients reach their personal goals to make the divorce process as seamless as possible.

 Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution:

Equitable Distribution in Florida is the division of a divorcing couple's marital assets and liabilities. Typically, things such as real and personal property, vehicles, retirement accounts, businesses, and stocks and bonds are divided equally between the parties so long as they are a result of the marriage.


The laws in Orlando, FL are rapidly changing regarding Alimony, there is an expected change in June 2015 to the Alimony statute in Florida. If you file prior to that date then you will be under the current laws which clearly define the lengths of marriage but do not give a specific equation for calculating alimony. There are also different types of alimony, including, permanent periodic, durational, rehabilitative, bridge the gap and temporary.

Children Issues (Parenting Plans and Support):

If you are divorcing and you have minor children, a parenting plan, which will include a time sharing arrangement will be included in your divorce. These are the documents that will determine each parents rights and responsibilities to the children and where the children will sleep every night, or time sharing in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Once the timesharing is determined then child support will be calculated based on each party's net incomes and the percentages of overnight visits each parent has with the children each year.

How is the agreement finalized?

After the parties enter into a Marital Settlement Agreement, the agreement is then filed with the court. A Final Judgment of Dissolution is then submitted to the Judge for their signature. Once the Final Judgment is signed the divorce is official. The county in which you are divorcing determines whether or not a hearing is required for the Judge to enter the Final Judgment.

  • Orange County – you will be required to attend a hearing in front of a Circuit Judge. Hearings are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week at 8:30 am.
  • Seminole County- no formal hearing is required unless you are requested by the client. Hearings are held on most Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, either at 8:30 or 9:00 am depending on the Judge.
  • Volusia County – no formal hearing is required.
  • Lake County- no formal hearing is required.
  • Osceola County – a formal hearing is typically required, depending on the Judge at 8:30 am.

Personal Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce or are considering entering into an agreement with your spouse, contact Jennifer Dane Family Law for a confidential consultation, to discuss your case, your options and your family. Our lawyers primary focus is to help you and your family transition through the divorce process in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas as seamlessly as possible and to ensure your interests are protected every step of the way.